Ryusuke Koarashi

Ryusuke Koarashi – Composer/Guitarist

Ryusuke was born in a rural town in Japan, into a non-musical family. He studied at the Guildhall school of music and drama in London. His guitar teachers include Keigo Fujii, Robert Brightmore. His composition teachers include Paul Newland. His works “hotaru” & “amenoshitani” were commissioned by [rout] and premiered by Okeanos in 2010. He performed at various places in Japan, U.K. and Turkey. One of his current projects is Pocket Penguin which he has been working on since 2011. He arranged / composed more than 300 pieces for the unit—the combination of melodica and guitar, during 2011-2013.


barely audible, not synchronised, frieze pattern, abrash, zellige, husoku-huri, palimpsest, trencadis